Pedicure Spa

Nu Skin Herbal Spa Pedicure
(all organic products)

Seriously... we will have to wake you up when we are done.
This Pedi includes a paraffin wax wrap on your feet that will lwave it moisturized and soft like a new born baby's butt!

Doze off in la loa land as the extra extra long massage (extra was not a typo) is going to make you wonder "Why don't I do this everyday? Yes, the complimentary wine is to assist. With your dozing off pedicure Zzzz."

The invigorating

Honey Organic Guava & Mango Pedicure

Herbal Mineral Bath

The ultimate rejuvenating experience with 21 herbs extract that create a relaxing aroma therapeutic

Environment to melt away stress and tension while leaving your skin, luxuriously soft and silky head to toe.

Liquid Body Lufra

Revitalizes the body with an invigorating exfoliation, 100% soap-free body cleanser that removes dry, rough patches of Dead cells to give you smooth and silky skin.

Ice Dancer

Invigorating clear cooling-gel contains natural wild mint, eucalyptus, menthol, and peppermint oil to revitalize overuse achy Legs and provide a cooling sensation with their bold refreshing scent.

Sole Solution

Remove unwanted rough dry calluses dead skin with a powerful urea that naturally removes dead cell buildup while Papain enzymes break down rough, dry skin to restore your natural healthy looking heels, toes, and soles.

Baobab Body Butter

Deliver your skin a rich quench of thirst with some Shea Butter with African Baobab Fruit Pulp Extract emollient for long-Lasting moisturization.

Sky Signature Pearl Spa Pedicure (tradition products) or w/Organic products

(Ask for combo w/ regular manicure or combo with gel manicure)

VIP's Deserve VIP type pedicures.

Ordered all the way from New Jersey, we are one of the few salons that execute this type of pedicure.

The Pearl Powder, made from finely milled pearl sedatives; exfoliates and helps Initiate anti-aging agents.

The Pearl Powder is going to Brighten and deeply moisturize the skin while also healing it.

Will wine be served?...Yes! Is there a Supper-duper-long massage with this pedi?... Oh Yes!

*Add Paraffin wax *Gel polish *Hot stone massage

*Wine or soda included with your Pedicure

Aloe Vera Spa Pedicure

Spa Therapy

1. Apply Sloughing Cream to exfoliate your skin and soak your ffet with Spa Flower and rock salt all in warm water.
2. Trim cuticle, callus treatment & scrub your heels with natural Lemon sugarfrom The European seas. Your skin will be left with a radiant glow.
3. Apply a special foot mask from France made with green tea and seaweed used to transform and tender.
4. Drape your feet in a welcoming hot-towel
5. Pamper you with a refreshing ice cooling-gel to rejuvenate your feet
6. Apply a smooth layer of natural green tea and Aloe Vera massage oil with rich lanolin
7. Finally, we will polish your toes. (with a colo of your choice:)

Pulling the "Luxe" in Loving

Sensual Rose Spa Pedi
(Combo w/ regular manicure and combo w/ pedi)

Delight your feet with our sofe saving treatment. Your Pedicure includes Nail Trimming, shaping, buffing, cuticle grooming and coditioning. Finally.

A brief lotion massage and a hot towel wrap.

Mint & Eucalyptus Spa Pedi

(Traditional products) or with Organic products
(Combo w/ regular manicure or combo with gel)

You work so hard....
Is been a long day...
Yeah, say it yourself "I deserve it"
This Pedi adds an extra-long foot and leg massage with Tangerine Sugar-scrub, Calming inflammation and irritation. At the end, relax with a hot towel and lotion to bring you back to Earth. (and oh yeah enjoy a glass of wine on us)

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